Live Your Best Life at Any Age 过好的生活

Live Your Best Life at Any Age 过好的生活

We encourage seniors to stay active and engaged in their community and inspire people to take control of their health. A safe space for seniors to strengthen social connections with their peers, take part in recreational activities and engage in volunteerism. 

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Age is a Number, Not a Barrier 年龄只是一个数字,不是阻碍

We believe that age is just a number and that seniors can lead fun and purposeful and be driven by values. Our primary aim is to make your life more meaningful, that make you feel charged up and happy.

Hence we put together activities that promote active ageing and improve overall well being.



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Age is a Number, Not a Barrier 年龄只是一个数字,不是阻碍

Our centre has been an Senior Active Centre ever since 1990.

Up until April of 2023,

our centre has been selected and be onboarded as Active Ageing Centre.

Services Offering 服务项目

Beside Active Ageing Programs, services we offer include but not limited to 我方提供活跃体能项目之外还提供:

  • Befriending and Buddying 友伴家访
  • Elderly Care and support 年长关怀
  • Social connector via Healthier SG 社交联系
  • Vital Sign Measurement & Monitoring 随时血压体重测量
  • Community health Team – Nurse Post 护士看护站


Services Offering 服务项目

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