TKAAC Queenstown AAP Line up 同敬活跃乐龄中心活动表

Our 5 domains of AAP, 5 领域的活动项目

Floor Space 场地空间

HDB Ground level, Open concept. 组屋底层,开放式。

Active ageing and wellbeing

A holistic approach that helps a person to optimise their physical, mental, social health and living space, be actively engaged in society to lead a good quality of life. This concept applies to anyone at any stage of life.

以整体慨念,协助人们优化身体、心理和社会健康,来积极参与社会, 过上良好的生活质量。这个概念适用于任何人生阶段的人。

Health 健康

The first wealth is health. To stay healthy, you have to make changes in your life. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle demands consistent habits and disciplined life. Exercising regularly will maintain your physical fitness. That said, we conduct daily morning exercise for all.


Cognitive 认知

#1:Art & Craft 手工    #2: Bingo game 宾果游戏   #3: Rammy-O 拉米奥   #4: Card game 玩牌   #5: KaraOK 卡拉OK

Cognition basically means using your brain. It is a very broad term that includes many varied and complex brain activities (or cognitive functions), such as attention, memory, processing speed, and executive functions (i.e., reasoning, planning, problem solving, and multitasking).


Social 社交

#1:Party 联欢会    #2: Bingo game 宾果游戏   #3: Morning GetTogether 早晨闲聊   #4: Card game 玩牌

Research shows that social connectedness can lead to longer life, better health, and improved well-being. Social connected would leads to creation of sense of belonging, and being cared for, valued, and supported.


Learning 学习

#1:Teaching Traditional Indo Massage 学习古方推拿   #2: Scam Prevention 预防诈骗   #3: Coloring 学习图画   #4: Meditation 学习静坐   #5: Singing Class 学习歌唱

Seniors may find themselves struggling with feelings of sadness or depression. Lifelong learning might boost overall mood iby helping them focus on new skills or hobbies, experience a boost in self-esteem when they have new tasks to complete



Volunteering leads to stronger sense of purpose. Seniors who actively give back to their community feel more accomplished and have a stronger sense of purpose. Being proactive also improves your self-worth and motivates you to continue making positive change

义务服务可以增强使命感。积极回馈社区的老年人会感到更有成就感,并有更强烈的使命感。 积极主动还可以提高您的自我价值并激励您继续做出积极的改变。

Communal Meal

A communal meal is a meal eaten by a group of people. An opportunity to strengthen bonds, share stories, relax and get to know each other.


Newly Addon

Adding in Coloring, learn song singing, meditation how-to.